Maintaining Comfort After Surgery

1. Take 3 ibuprofen (200 mg) tablets every 4 hours for the first 24 hours without missing a dose. Begin the medication 90 minutes before surgery. You may opt to use generic ibuprofen or name brands which are available at your grocery or drug store.

2. Should the ibuprofen NOT sufficiently relieve your discomfort, you may take the prescription medication (usually Tylenol #3) provided through our office as follows:

 *Do NOT take the heavier medication immediately after your surgery since the main side effects can be nausea and vomiting. Take at least 2-3 doses of ibuprofen prior to choosing the heavier medication.

*If you feel that you require the stronger medication, eat something substantial (i.e., soup, oatmeal) prior to taking it.  Do NOT take the heavier medication on an empty stomach.

*If you are sensitive/allergic to ibuprofen or aspirin or if you have severe asthma, do NOT take ibuprofen or aspirin.

Heavier medication should only be considered after taking 3 doses of ibuprofen without effective pain relief. 

Questions About Post-Op Care?

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